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Led by experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, David L. Rasmussen, MD, the Arlington Cosmetic Surgery Center will boost your self-image and self-confidence through well-chosen plastic surgeries. With the assistance to make an informed decision, if you are looking for a personal change, contact us today.

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Safe Cosmetic Surgery Dallas offers top rated and professional Safe Cosmetic Surgery in Arlington. [Read More]

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    Breast Augmentation, Breast Implant Removal, Breast Lift, Brow Lift, Buttock Lift, Chemical Peel, Chin Surgery, Dermabrasion, Ear Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, Facelift, Hand Surgery, Injectable Fillers, Liposuction, Nose Surgery
  • Specialties:
    Cosmetic Surgery, Reconstructive surgery, Tummy Tuck, Skin Cancer, Retin-A Treatments, Scar Revision

Safe Cosmetic Surgery Tips

Safe Cosmetic Surgery Tips

Safe Cosmetic Surgery Dallas provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Safe Cosmetic Surgery ]

Safe Cosmetic Surgery in Dallas Can Be Affordable

Finding a provider for Safe Cosmetic Surgery means that you're going to have a lot of choices. What makes someone safe, however, is that they work with your body, not necessarily by giving you everything that you want. There are some cosmetic surgeons out there who specialize in giving everyone whatever surgery they desire. There are some situations, however, where you need to be sure that the surgery is right for you.


A Safe Cosmetic Surgery provider will make sure you understand the implications of the surgery you're getting. For example, if you're getting liposuction, you may be out of work for a while if you're job requires a lot of manual labor. In these situations, a good cosmetic surgeon will make sure that you're being realistic about recovery times and factoring the cost of not being able to work for a while into the cost of the surgery. A Safe Cosmetic Surgery provider will also be respected among professional organizations for being ethical and honest with their patients.


There is a lot of competition in the world of cosmetic surgery. Simply put, many of these surgeries are relatively simple compared to other invasive procedures and some doctors get by on offering lower prices than their competition. Be sure that you're getting Safe Cosmetic Surgery from a skilled provider and that they're not compromising on the quality of their patient care to offer a discount. Even though these procedures can be relatively simple, they are still surgeries and that means that there are very real risks involved. Aside from the physical risks, an unethical provider may recommend surgeries that aren't right for you and may recommend that you have too much cosmetic surgery when you don't need it for any real reason. Cosmetic surgery is very often elective, but there are limits to what is sensible. Call us today to get started!